Boston Skeptics in the Pub Audio/Video

Audio from the first Boston Skeptics in the Pub is now available! I’ve uploaded it to Google Video along with video of Mike the Mad Biologist’s slides. The quality (of the A/V, not of the presentation) is a bit poor, for which I apologize. But, it should be good enough for you to follow, for those of you who are fans of Mike’s but couldn’t be there (in the future please consider moving to Boston).

Here’s the link!


4 responses to “Boston Skeptics in the Pub Audio/Video

  1. I missed this one and I’m pretty bummed about that. When’s the next one? (SitP, SiP?)

  2. Hi! The next one will most likely be April 21. However, I haven’t nailed down a speaker yet so it’s tentative…as soon as it’s worked out I’ll make the announcement here!

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  4. This was a really good talk by Mike — I’m listening in the UK, so I’ll decline your offer to move to Boston (please don’t tempt me with cookies…) 😉


    Looking forward to the next one 🙂

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