Boston Skeptics in the Pub: July 28

It’s time for the July edition of Boston Skeptics in the Pub! Because every available speaker is outside the Hub for the summer, we’re having a very special event that is sure to be at least 19 kinds of awesome:


Individual or team trivia in several rounds, with fun prizes for winners!

The questions will involve science, pseudoscience, and critical thinking. Also: no sports questions. Nerds!

Feel free to invite your friends, even if they don’t consider themselves skeptics. There will be a wide range of questions and much fun no matter what.

Once again, we will take over the top floor of Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. Trivia starts at 7pm or very shortly thereafter, so try to be on time!

As always, you can RSVP on Facebook.


5 responses to “Boston Skeptics in the Pub: July 28

  1. I went to the last one as a demasked anonymous member, i’ll go to this one too because i’m a basement dweller. ironic, aint it?

  2. Is it at 7 pm, like last time? I’m new and I am too old-fashioned to join Facebook.

  3. whoops, nevermind. Just read the whole post. duh.

  4. Yep, 7pm! And no worries, Facebook’s not for all. Beats the hell out of evites, though.

  5. Gah! Why do I always read these notices *after* the event. 😦 Hope all went well.

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