Skeptics in the Pub: Monday, August 25

Is it that time again already? Answer: YES IT IS! Last month’s trivia night was a huge success — more than 60 people showed up and had a hilariously awesome time getting brainy with fellow critical thinkers. So, the lectures will start again in the fall, but in the meantime we’re going to do another trivia night.

Again, no sports questions! And you don’t have to be a mega-skeptic to get all the questions, so bring your friends.

Once again, we’ll have prizes for the top spots and maybe one for the bottom spot, too. Be there! (Oh, and by there I mean: Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, with trivia starting at 7pm sharp!)

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9 responses to “Skeptics in the Pub: Monday, August 25

  1. So? How did it go?

  2. I’m moving to Boston with my spouse. There will be a September gathering, won’t there? It would be great for us to meet some Boston skeptics.

  3. Sorry, I’ve been so neglectful of!

    DrASK: It went wonderfully! There were fewer people this time (maybe 45 or 50?) but we still had a blast.

    Jackal: There will! I’m trying to nail down a speaker now, and will post as soon as I have details.

  4. Please don’t make it a thursday night! I have class and I just moved to boston last week. I want to come too.

  5. No worries, sanel, we try to adhere to a fairly fixed schedule. Look for the last Monday of the month. Ideally when I have more time, we’ll have goofy/fun in-between events on the middle-Mondays. 🙂

  6. Awesome! Thanks. I just moved to Boston and I’m listening to SGU 164 right now, been listening for a few years now. I’m hoping people are friendly enough to be open to friendships, most my interactions with Bostonians have been less than fruitful. It would be nice to befriend some fellow skeptics.

    I am also looking forward to alcohol…

  7. “we’ll have goofy/fun in-between events on the middle-Mondays.”

    So should I assume the regular meetings are pretty lame then if we need to schedule one specifically titled “fun”. 😉

  8. “[…] most my interactions with Bostonians have been less than fruitful.”

    Mine, too. I’ll wear a fez at the next event so you can find me and we can commiserate.

  9. Anybody out there want to teach a winter class on “Skeptical Thinking,” “Debunking Pseudoscience,” “Happy 200th B’day, Darwin,” etc. for Newton Community Ed? Low pay, but could be fun. Please email me ASAP ( My planning deadline is around the corner. Thanks!

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