About Boston Skeptics

Boston Skeptics is a group of critical thinkers who get together to talk, eat, drink, and be skeptical about things like homeopathy, creationism, psychics, aliens, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, and whatever else catches our attention.

At the moment, it’s all really just a front for Skeptics in the Pub: Boston, which could be nicknamed “Skeptics in the Hub” if we were feeling particularly clever.

Join our Facebook group here!


3 responses to “About Boston Skeptics

  1. is there something like this in nyc?

  2. Hi Bob! There’s a NYC Skeptics group that holds regular meet-ups and talks. Check them out at http://www.nycskeptics.com.

  3. I’d like to start a similar organization or at least a Skeptics in the Pub in Brussels. Any suggestions for increasing the probability of success? Many cheers.

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